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Omakase Bouquet


Can’t find something you like? If you’re looking for something extra special, how about something off-menu? Let our master florists cook up something that’s truly one-of-a-kind in a design that’s never been created before (and never to be recreated). Our Omakase Bouquets are created just for you. It’s the truest representation of how meaningful your special occasion is to you and its intended recipient.

Tell us small details about what you’re celebrating and preferences in colors and/or flower types, select the size, and let us weave it into a breathtaking masterpiece perfect for the occasion.

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A Symphony Crafted Just for You

Imagine a bouquet painted with nature’s finest brushstrokes, sculpted by the intuitive vision of our master florists.

Everyday Flowers’ Omakase Bouquets are more than arrangements; they’re expressions of your heart, translated into a vibrant language of fresh blooms. Leave it up to us and let our artistry blossom, crafting a testament to your special occasion that exists once in a lifetime.

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Step 1

Select Size (above add to cart button)

Step 2

Set the Mood (order notes during Checkout)

Tell us the special moment you’re celebrating. Give us some of your recipient’s preferences – favorite colors, go-to styles, etc.

Step 3

Master Florist @ Work

Our master florist will be in touch to confirm your order and give you an idea what we’ll do for your exclusive Omakase Bouquet. After confirmation, we’ll begin handpicking the freshest blooms and arranging your Omakase Bouquet.

Ready to Start Your Omakase Journey?

Let your unique floral adventure begin. Tell us your dream, choose your size and theme, and leave it to our masters to weave your emotions into a breathtaking Omakase Bouquet masterpiece.


Can I see examples of Omakase bouquets?

Given beach bouquet is a unique creation, we don’t replicate (or even closely replicate) our Omakase creations.

However, if you want to give us a visual reference of a particular bouquet style, you can explore our existing products for inspiration – just note that your Omakase masterpiece will be markedly different from that reference (otherwise, it makes more sense to order that product instead).

You can certainly share preferred flower types as inspiration. Our master florists will weave your suggestions into their creative process, taking into account seasonal availability and the selected size of your bouquet.

While the specific blooms might be a delightful surprise, you can be confident that your chosen theme and size will guide the artistry, ensuring a beautiful and unique masterpiece for your recipient.

While we’ll do our very best to accommodate any requests, due to the personalized nature of Omakase Bouquets, adjustments are limited once confirmed. Choose your size and theme carefully, and rest assured your masterpiece will exceed expectations.

Omakase thrives on embracing the unexpected. If you prefer knowing what you’ll get, choose from our pre-designed arrangements instead. 

We provide detailed care instructions with each delivery, but generally, treat your floral surprise with gentle hands, fresh water and a cool temperature, and your Omakase Bouquet should last longer than most bouquets.