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Delivering Happiness, One Bouquet At a time

Everyday Flowers began as a weekend hobby for our founders, a casual dabbling in the art of floristry. Our creations were just for our eyes, a joy shared on social platforms. After some time, our friends started taking notice (we also improved :p). Slowly but surely, requests for our arrangements started trickling in, igniting a vision - our passion had the power to bring joy to others.

Our Mission

Bringing joy through every petal

At Everyday Flowers, our compass is our love for flowers – their diversity, their beauty, and their ability to convey emotions. We find joy in being an integral part of the special moments in people’s lives that make them smile. That’s why our mission is fairly simple yet wholly instructive to how we operate: We deliver happiness. Whether through our handcrafted bouquets or our unique Flower Bar Experience, we strive to add a touch of joy to every moment.

Our Story
Our Story 2

Our Unique Touch

Uniquely yours, unique everyday

Our floral creations are more than just arrangements you pick from a menu. They’re unique expressions of our master florists. Each stem is personally handpicked, trimmed and arranged organically, producing a whole new creation every single time. It’s the only one of its kind in the world. 

And not only that – as a living, breathing product, each bouquet is meant to evolve rapidly with time. Your arrangement isn’t quite the same one you got a couple hours ago. Its petals are slightly different, its colors have a slightly different hue. It’s reflective of how meaningful these special moments are to you.

There’s beauty in this entire journey. And that’s the beauty we’d like to share with you and your special moments.

That’s why we take things a step further to offer minor customizations to any designs you see on our menu. Or better yet, if you’re looking to express something extra special, we also offer a totally fresh, off-menu creation with our Omakase Bouquet.

Discover The
Joy Of Flowers

Dive into the world of Everyday Flowers, where each bloom tells a story and every arrangement brings a smile. Let us help you find the perfect expression of your feelings. Embark on a floral journey with us today.